Our ERP software is used to manage the business process and also allow you to manage the business and automate many back office functions , services related to technology and human resources. We include the product planning, manufacturing, development, sales and marketing in a single database and user interface.

We provide efficient project management in a minimal software downtime by our service and maintenance team. Our service in a terms of levels of pricing, support and delivery options. We allow you to concentrate better on business function with our dedicated software maintenance

A Complete Software Solution for:


Modules and Features

arrow_downward    Financial management

manages capital inflow & outflow

Accounting & Finance transactions


balance sheet

arrow_downward    CRM

boost customer service

profit per capital

manages opportunities

customer issues

arrow_downward    Sales & Marketing

handles sales workflows


sales inquiries

sales invoices

arrow_downward    Manufacturing

materials sourcing

product planning

product forecasting

Master Production Schedule

arrow_downward    SCM

product flow

process automation

purchase order management

returns or recalls

arrow_downward    Inventroy Management

Purchase (or) Cumulative Purchase Return

Barcode Generation

Tax (or) Sales Man Incentives

Sales based Purchase Order Generation